Gauging the Political Weather: 4 Engaging News Sources

Gauging the Political Weather Header

Before the onset of predictive weather apps and televised meteorology programs, the easiest way to figure out whether it was raining was to stick your hand out the window and see if it got wet. In today’s tech-savvy world, though, such basic methods are inconclusive – even laughable! Now, we can source comprehensive information in a few keystrokes without ever having to leave our seats.

For those of us wanting to keep up with the political weather, as it were, it’s easier than ever to access current reports and predictions from our laptops, televisions, and mobile devices. We no longer have to risk inconvenience by sticking our metaphorical hands out the window, or rely on our own limited analyses; the information we need is already at our fingertips.

Or is it? One of the unfortunate side effects of our easy access to information is, ironically, the similarly easy access to misinformation. A quick Google search over morning coffee can turn into a frustrating, hour-long hunt for the truth through sensationalized headlines and unapologetically biased news stories. It’s become a trial to sort through the conflicting information, and on some days it can feel tempting to turn off your news apps altogether.

But amid all the misinformation and sensationalization, some sources still ring true for headline-wary conservative readers.

Washington Wire

Readers can expect thoughtful, quality, and timely work from reporters at the Washington Wire. This regularly updated and long-running blog is the Wall Street Journal’s answer to their readers’ need for reliable political news. The online publication consistently turns out about 22 stories per week.

The Hill

As a significant and far-reaching political news publication, the Hill not only owns a widely-read print newspaper, but also operates a website and six related blogs. This source primarily focuses its reporting attentions on Congress and provides its readers with daily news about the latest happenings on Capitol Hill.


Since its launch in 2007, Politico has consistently produced reliable content that considers both international and domestic current events from a centrist perspective. This source has a self-professed mission to inspire the reader to draw their own thoughtful conclusions, and to avoid writing boring or sensationalized stories at all costs.

National Review

Since its inception in 1955, the National Review has served as a significant driver for American conservatism by providing news and commentary upon current events. Today, the publication produces an impressive amount of content for both its printed editions and for its regularly updated online blog.

In an age rife with misinformation and sensationalism, it’s become more important than ever to source news from reputable, reliable publications. Tracking down accurate information might not be as easy as we thought it would be, or simple as logging a few keystrokes – but we can, to return to an earlier metaphor, invest a little effort by reaching out our digital hands and finding the truth for ourselves.


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